St. Croix Shore Diving for Novices and Experts

St. Croix is a diver’s paradise!  This colorful underwater abyss calls to each diver whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced.   Come explore some of the most gorgeous reefs, wrecks, walls, and sea life in the Caribbean!  Particularly on the North Shore, where there are numerous great sites to dive! This is what make the 2Dive4 Villa so spectacular!  The 2Dive4 Villa is on the North Shore, where her backyard, the Caribbean Sea, is just waiting for you to explore!  Want to see more? Check out our 2Dive4 Backyard Dive Map.

2Dive4 Backyard Dive MapThere are so many great diving sites in St. Croix, that it is hard to choose just one as a favorite!  Below is a map of some of the big dive sites on the island.

As you can see there are tons of diving sites, particularly on the North Shore, including the notorious Cane Bay and the Wall!  To the east is Salt River (Number 7) where there is a canyon, which splits the North Shore Wall into the East Wall and West Wall.  Along these sites, you will enjoy a variety of formations including reefs, caves, pinnacles, swim-throughs, troughs, and trenches.  Swimming along these formations are an abundant of sea life, from turtles, dolphins, octopus, rays, barracuda, grouper, lobster, moray eels, nurse and reef sharks, and of course tons of tropical reef fish!

Another must dive is the Frederiksted pier (Number 11) and the wrecks of Buttler Bay (Number 12)! The Frederiksted Pier is a phenomenal dive!  Where coral artistically covers the pilings, and the remains of the old pier which was damaged in a hurricane.  You can dive this site day or night, where you will see various sea life, including our favorite, the seahorse! North of the Pier, in Buttler Bay, you will find a small armada of wrecks of varying size and depth! These sunken majesties are simply amazing!  History at its best, perfectly encapsulated in sea life!

While these are some of our personal favorites, there is so much more to explore!  St. Croix offers both great shore and boat diving, with many dive shops located throughout the island.  The list of fabulous dive sites seems endless at times, and no dive is ever the same!

Please note: Guests who choose to dive, whether 2Dive4’s backyard or otherwise, do so at their own risk.  There are certain inherent dangers associated with diving, and particularly with shore entries.  Always practice safe diving!  Divers must be certified, and rely on their own knowledge and skill when diving.  Certain diving sites may be too challenging for new divers.  Make sure to pick a site that best meets your skill level, so you can have a safe and fun dive. If you are new to diving, don’t worry. There are plenty of certified instructors on the island, and guided diving tours!